Had a manager at work ask if I could accidentally swallow my septum piercing earlier today

I just


yeah my retainer can rip all the way up my septum and down into the back of my throat.

people cannot be this stupid. they just can’t.

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Bilbo with his lil’ blanket (◡‿◡✿)

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"The glory of this particular production is that every single member of this large company turns in a memorable performance, no matter how small the role […] but best of all, there is Richard Armitage as John Proctor.  Proctor is a star part that requires an exceptionally powerful leading man. From the moment Armitage looms out of the twilight, tall and craggily handsome, tortured and blunt, wary but calculating it’s as if a force of nature has been released on to the stage. You can almost smell the soil under his fingernails; he exudes a brooding sexuality that is all about graft, sweat and emotional suppression. His encounters with his wife are heart-rending in their disconnection, his scenes with his young, sometime mistress crackle with a fearsome erotic charge. As the do-gooders set out to break his spirit and destroy his reputation you can see the shards of agony etched into his every feature.

I don’t expect to see a finer performance this year.

Phil Willmott, Best of Theatre - 16 July 2014 (x)

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❧ make me choose: marcesiblelea asked: "Moria or Erebor?"

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Lost in thought?  - Not lost, not anymore.

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An Insanely Detailed Ask Meme Brought to You by Tolkien's Characters
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